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New Veneville office in Lakeland, FL

We are happy to announce the opening of a new Veneville office in Lakeland, FL.

This is how we fulfill our goal of being where our clients are, to support and advise them in the best possible way.

The effort and perseverance of our community of clients and friends, move us to continue where they are. They grow and we grow with them. So, to be close to our beloved community, we have opened a new Veneville office at Lakeland, FL.

Therefore, it is with great pleasure and pride that we are happy to announce our new branch in Florida, USA. Certainly, this new office allows us to strengthen our presence in the central area of Florida.

We are very grateful to everyone for their loyalty and support. For this reason, we are committed to continuing to grow on the side of the community.

We continue to reach more and more communities!

Services at the new Veneville office at Lakeland, FL

We know the importance of our products and services in personal well-being. For this reason, we want to be closer to our clients, to help and accompany them in achieving their goals.

Firstly, in the new office, our clients can obtain all the insurance products and services that we offer. These include various insurance options for personal auto, commercial auto, motorcycle, business, renters, SR-22, and notary services among others. Likewise, we offer timely advice to our clients, so they can make the best investment decisions in insurance.

Additionally, in this new office, the community will have the service of sending packages and money to Central America and South America.

We invite you to visit our office located at 1745 E Edgewood Dr, Lakeland, FL, 33803.

1745 E Edgewood Dr, Lakeland, FL 33803

(863) 617.82.47
(407) 325.0499

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